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    -... Listing to Relocated Listing Hint File Format
    -... Intel IHX Output Format (16-Bit)
    -... Intel I86 Output Format (24 or 32-Bit)
    -... Motorola S1-S9 Output Format (16-Bit)
    -... Motorola S2-S8 Output Format (24-Bit)
    -... Motorola S3-S7 Output Format (32-Bit)
    -... Tandy Color Computer Disk Basic Binary Output Format

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   ASLINK  is  the  companion  linker for the ASxxxx assemblers.
The linker supports versions 3.xx, 4.xx, and 5.xx of the  ASxxxx
assemblers.  Object files from version 3, 4, and 5 may be freely
mixed while linking.  Note that version 3 object  files  contain
only a subset of the options available in versions 4 and 5.  

   The  program ASLINK is a general relocating linker performing
the following functions:  

     1.  Bind multiple object modules into a single memory image 

     2.  Resolve inter-module symbol references 

     3.  Combine  code  belonging to the same area from multiple
         object files into a single contiguous memory region 

     4.  Search and import object module libraries for undefined
         global variables 

     5.  Perform   byte   and   word  program  counter  relative
         (pc or pcr) addressing calculations 

     6.  Define absolute symbol values at link time 

     7.  Define absolute area base address values at link time 

     8.  Produce Intel Hex, Motorola S, or Tandy CoCo Disk Basic
         output files 

     9.  Produce a map of the linked memory image 

    10.  Produce  an updated listing file with the relocated ad-
         dresses and data 

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Last Updated: March 2021