ASZ8 Assembler


The following is a list of the Z8 registers used by ASZ8:  

        r0  ... r15     -        8-bit accumulators
        rr0 ... rr15    -       16-bit accumulators


     The  following  tables  list all Z8 mnemonics recognized by
the ASZ8 assembler.  The designation [] refers to a required ad-
dressing mode argument.  The following list specifies the format
for each addressing mode supported by ASZ8:  

        #data           immediate byte data

        addr            location/branch address

        r0  ... r15      8-bit registers

        rr0 ... rr15    16-bit registers

        @rn     or      register indirect addressing

        @rrn    or      register indirect addressing

        @addr   or      indirect addressing

        offset(rn)      indexed register addressing

The terms data, addr, and offset may all be expressions.  

The  designation  CC  refers  to a condition code argument.  The
following table contains all the valid condition codes supported
by ASZ8:  

        f       Always False            -
        t       Always True             -
        c       Carry                   C=1
        nc      No Carry                C=0
        z       Zero                    Z=1
        nz      Non-Zero                Z=0
        pl      Plus                    S=0
        mi      Minus                   S=1
        ov      Overflow                V=1
        nov     No Overflow             V=0
        eq      Equal                   Z=1
        ne      Not Equal               Z=0
        ge      Greater Than or Equal   (S XOR V)=0
        lt      Less Than               (S XOR V)=1
        gt      Greater Than            (Z OR (S XOR V))=0
        le      Less Than or Equal      (Z OR (S XOR V))=1
        uge     Unsigned ge             C=0
        ult     Unsigned lt             C=1
        ugt     Unsigned gt             (C=0 AND Z=0)=1
        ule     Unsigned le             (C OR Z)=1

Note that not all addressing modes are valid with every instruc-
tion, refer to the Z8 technical data for valid modes.  

Load Instructions 

        clr     []
        ld      [],[]           ldc     [],[]
        pop     []              push    []

Arithmetic Instructions 

        adc     [],[]           add     [],[]
        cp      [],[]           da      []
        dec     []              decw    []
        inc     []              incw    []
        sbc     [],[]           sub     [],[]

Logical Instructions 

        and     [],[]           com     []
        or      [],[]           xor     [],[]

Program Control Instructions 

        call    []              djnz    [],[]
        iret                    jp      CC,[]
        jr      CC,[]           ret

Bit Manipulation Instructions 

        tcm     [],[]           tm      [],[]
        and     [],[]           or      [],[]
        xor     [],[]

Block Transfer Instructions 

        ldci    [],[]

Rotate and Shift Instructions 

        rl      []              rlc     []
        rr      []              rrc     []
        sra     []              swap    []

Cpu Control Instructions 

        di                      ei
        halt                    nop
        rcf                     scf
        srp     []
        stop                    wait

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Last Updated: March 2021