ASSCMP Assembler


The following is a list of the SC/MP registers used by ASSCMP:  

        p0,pc      -    16-bit program counter
        p1,p2,p3   -    16-bit pointer registers


     The  general addressing modes are normally described in the
form @DISP(X) which correspond to these specific modes:  

    DISP        a PC relative address
    DISP(X)     a DISPlacement from a pointer register
    @DISP(X)    An auto-increment DISPlacement from a
                pointer register

     The ASSCMP assembler also allows the ( and ) designators to
be replaced by the [ and ] designators.  

     The  ASSCMP  assembler  also allows several shorthand nota-
tions for the addressing modes as shown here:  

    (X)         ==>>    0(X)
    @(X)        ==>>    @0(X)
    @DISP       ==>>    @DISP(PC)

     The  xpal,  xpah,  and  xppc  instructions  require  only a
pointer register - p0, p1, p2, p3, or pc.  

     The  standard  memory reference instructions:  ld, and, or,
xor, dad, add, and cad also allow an  alternate  immediate  mode
instruction using the following format:  

    ld  #DATA

     The  #  is  required otherwise DATA will be treated as a PC
relative address.  

     The  immediate mode instructions:  ldi, ani, ori, xri, dai,
adi, and cai allow either of these forms:  

    ldi #DATA
    ldi DATA


     The following tables list all SC/MP mnemonics recognized by
the ASSCMP assembler.  

Memory Reference Instructions 

        ld      @DISP(X) / #data        Load
        st      @DISP(X) -------        Store
        and     @DISP(X) / #data        AND
        or      @DISP(X) / #data        OR
        xor     @DISP(X) / #data        Exclusive OR
        dad     @DISP(X) / #data        Decimal Add
        add     @DISP(X) / #data        Add
        cad     @DISP(X) / #data        Complement and Add

Immediate Instructions 

        ldi     #data / data    Load Immediate
        ld      #data
        ani     #data / data    AND Immediate
        and     #data
        ori     #data / data    Or Immediate
        or      #data
        xri     #data / data    Exclusive Or Immediate
        xor     #data
        dai     #data / data    Decimal Add Immediate
        dad     #data
        adi     #data / data    Add Immediate
        add     #data
        cai     #data / data    Complement and Add Immediate
        cad     #data

Extension Register Instructions 

        lde             Load AC from Extension
        xae             Exchange AC and Extension
        ane             AND Extension
        ore             OR Extension
        xre             Exclusive Or Extension
        dae             Decimal Add Extension
        ade             Add Extension
        cae             Complement and Add Extension

Memory Increment/Decrement Instructions 

        dld     DISP(X)         Increment and Load
        ild     DISP(X)         Decrement  aand Load

Transfer Instructions 

        jmp     DISP(X)         Jump
        jp      DISP(X)         Jump if Positive
        jz      DISP(X)         Jump if Zero
        jnz     DISP(X)         Jump if Not Zero

Pointer Register Move Instructions 

        xpal    X               Exchange Pointer Low
        xpah    X               Exchange Pointer High
        xppc    X               Exchange Pointer with PC

Shift, Rotate, Serial I/O Instructions 

        sio             Serial Input/Output
        sr              Shift Right
        srl             Shift Right with Link
        rr              Rotate Right
        rrl             Rotate Right with Link

Single-Byte Miscellaneous Instructions 

        halt            Halt
        ccl             Clear Carry Link
        scl             Set Carry Link
        dint            Disable Interrupt
        ien             Enable Interrupt
        csa             Copy Status to AC
        cas             Copy AC to Status
        nop             No Operation

Double-Byte Miscellaneous Instruction 

        dly     #data / data    Delay

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Last Updated: March 2021