ASRAB Assembler


   Thanks to Ulrich Raich and Razaq Ijoduola for their contribution
of the ASRAB cross assembler.  

   Ulrich Raich and Razaq Ijoduola
   PS Division
   CH-1211 Geneva-23

   Ulrich dot Raich at cern dot ch


   The  ASRAB  assembler is a port of the ASZ80 assembler.  This
assembler can process Rabbit 2000/3000 (default), HD64180 (Z180),
and  Z80  code.   The  following  processor  specific  assembler
directives specify which processor to target when processing the
input assembler files.  



The  .r2k  directive  enables processing of the Rabbit 2000/3000
specific mnemonics.  Mnemonics not associated  with  the  Rabbit
2000/3000 processor will be flagged with an <o> error.  Address-
ing modes not supported by the Rabbit 2000/3000 will be  flagged
with  an <a> error.  A synonym of .r2k is .r3k.  The default as-
sembler mode is .r2k.  

     The  .r2k  directive  also  selects  the  Rabbit  2000/3000
specific cycles count output when the -c command line option  is



The  .hd64  directive  enables  processing of the HD64180 (Z180)
specific mnemonics not included  in  the  Z80  instruction  set.
Rabbit  2000/3000  mnemonics encountered will be flagged with an
<o> error.  Addressing modes not supported by the HD64180 (Z180)
will be flagged with an <a> error.  A synonym of .hd64 is .z180.

     The  .hd64 directive also selects the HD64180/Z180 specific
cycles count output when the -c command line  option  is  speci-



The  .z80  directive  enables  processing  of  the  Z80 specific
mnemonics.  HD64180 and Rabbit 2000/3000 specific mnemonics will
be flagged with an <o> error.  Addressing modes not supported by
the z80 will be flagged with an <a> error.

     The  .z80  directive  also  selects the Z80 specific cycles
count to be output when. 

The .__.CPU.  Variable 

     The  value of the pre-defined symbol '.__.CPU.' corresponds
to the selected processor type.  The default value  is  0  which
corresponds  to the default processor type.  The following table
lists the processor types and associated values  for  the  ASRAB

        Processor Type            .__.CPU. Value
        --------------            --------------
         .r2k / .r3k                     0
        .hd64 / .z180                    1
            .z80                         2

     The  variable '.__.CPU.' is by default defined as local and
will not be output to the created .rel file.  The assembler com-
mand line options -g or -a will not cause the local symbol to be
output to the created .rel file.  

     The  assembler  .globl  directive may be used to change the
variable  type  to  global causing its definition  to be  output
to  the .rel file.  The inclusion of the definition of the vari-
able '.__.CPU.' might be  a  useful  means  of  validating  that
seperately  assembled files have been compiled for the same pro-
cessor type.  The linker will report an error for variables with
multiple non equal definitions.  


        b       Bit select
                        (000 = bit 0, 001 = bit 1,
                         010 = bit 2, 011 = bit 3,
                         100 = bit 4, 101 = bit 5,
                         110 = bit 6, 111 = bit 7)
        cc      Condition code select
                        (00 = NZ, 01 = Z, 10 = NC, 11 = C)
        d       8-bit (signed) displacement.
                Expressed in two\'s complement.
        dd      word register select-destination
                        (00 = BC, 01 = DE, 10 = HL, 11 = SP)
        dd'     word register select-alternate
                        (00 = BC', 01 = DE', 10 = HL')
        e       8-bit (signed) displacement added to PC.
        f       condition code select
                        (000 = NZ, 001 = Z, 010 = NC, 011 = C,
                         100 = LZ/NV, 101 = LO/V, 110 = P, 111 = M)
        m       the most significant bits(MSB) of a 16-bit constant
        mn      16-bit constant
        n       8-bit constant or the least significant bits(LSB)
                of a 16-bit constant
        r, g    byte register select
                        (000 = B, 001 = C, 010 = D, 011 = E,
                         100 = H, 101 = L, 111 = A)
        ss      word register select-source
                        (00 = BC, 01 = DE, 10 = HL, 11 = SP)
        v       Restart address select
                        (010 = 0020h, 011 = 0030h, 100 = 0040h,
                         101 = 0050h, 111 = 0070h)
        x       an 8-bit constant to load into the XPC
        xx      word register select
                        (00 = BC, 01 = DE, 10 = IX, 11 = SP)
        yy      word register select
                        (00 = BC, 01 = DE, 10 = IY, 11 = SP)
        zz      word register select
                        (00 = BC, 01 = DE, 10 = HL, 11 = AF)

        C  -    carry bit set
        M  -    sign bit set
        NC -    carry bit clear
        NZ -    zero bit clear
        P  -    sign bit clear
        PE -    parity even
        V  -    overflow bit set
        PO -    parity odd
        NV -    overflow bit clear
        Z  -    zero bit set

The  terms  m, mn, n, and x may all be expressions.  The terms b
and v are not allowed to be external references.


   The  following list of instructions (with explicit addressing
modes) are available in the  Rabbit  2000/3000  assembler  mode.
Those instructions denoted by an asterisk (*) are additional in-
structions not available in the HD64180 or Z80 assembler mode.  

         ADC A,n                 DEC IX                  LD A,EIR
         ADC A,r                 DEC IY                  LD A,IIR
         ADC A,(HL)              DEC r                  *LD A,XPC
         ADC A,(IX+d)            DEC ss                  LD A,(BC)
         ADC A,(IY+d)            DEC (HL)                LD A,(DE)
         ADC HL,ss               DEC (IX+d)              LD A,(mn)
         ADD A,n                 DEC (IY+d)             *LD dd,BC
         ADD A,r                 DJNZ e                 *LD dd,DE
         ADD A,(HL)                                      LD dd,mn
         ADD A,(IX+d)            EX AF,AF                LD dd,(mn)
         ADD A,(IY+d)            EX DE,HL                LD EIR,A
         ADD HL,ss               EX DE,HL               *LD HL,IX
         ADD IX,xx               EX (SP),HL             *LD HL,IY
         ADD IY,yy               EX (SP),IX             *LD HL,(HL+d)
        *ADD SP,d                EX (SP),IY             *LD HL,(IX+d)
        *ALTD                    EXX                    *LD HL,(IY+d)
        *AND HL,DE                                       LD HL,(mn)
        *AND IX,DE               INC IX                 *LD HL,(SP+n)
        *AND IY,DE               INC IY                  LD IIR,A
         AND n                   INC r                  *LD IX,HL
         AND r                   INC ss                  LD IX,mn
         AND (HL)                INC (HL)                LD IX,(mn)
         AND (IX+d)              INC (IX+d)             *LD IX,(SP+n)
         AND (IY+d)              INC (IY+d)             *LD IY,HL
                                *IOE                     LD IY,mn
         BIT b,r                *IOI                     LD IY,(mn)
         BIT b,(HL)             *IPRES                  *LD IY,(SP+n)
         BIT b,(IX+d)           *IPSET 0                 LD r,g
         BIT b,(IY+d)           *IPSET 1                 LD r,n
        *BOOL HL                *IPSET 2                 LD r,(HL)
        *BOOL IX                *IPSET 3                 LD r,(IX+d)
        *BOOL IY                                         LD r,(IY+d)
                                 JP f,mn                 LD SP,HL
         CALL mn                 JP mn                   LD SP,IX
         CCF                     JP (HL)                 LD SP,IY
         CP n                    JP (IX)                *LD XPC,A
         CP r                    JP (IY)                 LD (BC),A
         CP (HL)                 JR cc,e                 LD (DE),A
         CP (IX+d)               JR e                    LD (HL),n
         CP (IY+d)                                       LD (HL),r
         CPL                    *LCALL x,mn

        *LD (HL+d),HL           *POP IP                  SBC A,n
        *LD (IX+d),HL            POP IX                  SBC A,r
         LD (IX+d),n             POP IY                  SBC A,(HL)
         LD (IX+d),r             POP zz                  SBC HL,ss
        *LD (IY+d),HL           *PUSH IP                 SBC (IX+d)
         LD (IY+d),n             PUSH IX                 SBC (IY+d)
         LD (IY+d),r             PUSH IY                 SCF
         LD (mn),A               PUSH zz                 SET b,r
         LD (mn),HL                                      SET b,(HL)
         LD (mn),IX              RA                      SET b,(IX+d)
         LD (mn),IY              RES b,r                 SET b,(IY+d)
         LD (mn),ss              RES b,(HL)              SLA r
        *LD (SP+n),HL            RES b,(IX+d)            SLA (HL)
        *LD (SP+n),IX            RES b,(IY+d)            SLA (IX+d)
        *LD (SP+n),IY            RET                     SLA (IY+d)
         LDD                     RET f                   SRA r
         LDDR                   *RETI                    SRA (HL)
         LDI                    *RL DE                   SRA (IX+d)
         LDIR                    RL r                    SRA (IY+d)
        *LDP HL,(HL)             RL (HL)                 SRL r
        *LDP HL,(IX)             RL (IX+d)               SRL (HL)
        *LDP HL,(IY)             RL (IY+d)               SRL (IX+d)
        *LDP HL,(mn)             RLA                     SRL (IY+d)
        *LDP IX,(mn)             RLC r                   SUB n
        *LDP IY,(mn)             RLC (HL)                SUB r
        *LDP (HL),HL             RLC (IX+d)              SUB (HL)
        *LDP (IX),HL             RLC (IY+d)              SUB (IX+d)
        *LDP (IY),HL             RLCA                    SUB (IY+d)
        *LDP (mn),HL            *RR DE
        *LDP (mn),IX            *RR HL                   XOR n
        *LDP (mn),IY            *RR IX                   XOR r
         LJP x,mn               *RR IY                   XOR (HL)
         LRET                    RR r                    XOR (IX+d)
                                 RR (HL)                 XOR (IY+d)
        *MUL                     RR (IX+d)
                                 RR (IY+d)
         NEG                     RRC r
         NOP                     RRC (HL)
                                 RRC (IX+d)
        *OR HL,DE                RRC (IY+d)
        *OR IX,DE                RRCA
        *OR IY,DE                RST v
         OR n
         OR r
         OR (HL)
         OR (IX+d)
         OR (IY+d)


  The following list specifies the format for each Z80/HD64180
addressing mode supported by ASRAB:  

        #data           immediate data
                        byte or word data

        n               byte value

        rg              a byte register

        rp              a register pair

        (hl)            implied addressing or
                        register indirect addressing

        (label)         direct addressing

        (ix+offset)     indexed addressing with
         offset(ix)     an offset

        label           call/jmp/jr label

The  terms  data, n, label, and offset may all be expressions.

   Note  that  not all addressing modes are valid with every in-
struction, refer to the Z80/HD64180  technical  data  for  valid


   The  following  tables  list all Z80/HD64180 mnemonics recog-
nized by the ASRAB assembler.  The designation []  refers  to  a
required addressing mode argument.

Inherent Instructions 

        ccf             cpd
        cpdr            cpi
        cpir            cpl
        daa             di
        ei              exx
        halt            neg
        nop             reti
        retn            rla
        rlca            rld
        rra             rrca
        rrd             scf

Implicit Operand Instructions 

        adc     a,[]            adc     []
        add     a,[]            add     []
        and     a,[]            and     []
        cp      a,[]            cp      []
        dec     a,[]            dec     []
        inc     a,[]            inc     []
        or      a,[]            or      []
        rl      a,[]            rl      []
        rlc     a,[]            rlc     []
        rr      a,[]            rr      []
        rrc     a,[]            rrc     []
        sbc     a,[]            sbc     []
        sla     a,[]            sla     []
        sra     a,[]            sra     []
        srl     a,[]            srl     []
        sub     a,[]            sub     []
        xor     a,[]            xor     []

Load Instruction 

        ld      rg,[]           ld      [],rg
        ld      (bc),a          ld      a,(bc)
        ld      (de),a          ld      a,(de)
        ld      (label),a       ld      a,(label)
        ld      (label),rp      ld      rp,(label)
        ld      i,a             ld      r,a
        ld      a,i             ld      a,r
        ld      sp,hl           ld      sp,ix
        ld      sp,iy           ld      rp,#data
        ldd                     lddr
        ldi                     ldir

Call/Return Instructions 

        call    C,label         ret     C
        call    M,label         ret     M
        call    NC,label        ret     NC
        call    NZ,label        ret     NZ
        call    P,label         ret     P
        call    PE,label        ret     PE
        call    PO,label        ret     PO
        call    Z,label         ret     Z
        call    label           ret

Jump and Jump to Subroutine Instructions 

        jp      C,label         jp      M,label
        jp      NC,label        jp      NZ,label
        jp      P,label         jp      PE,label
        jp      PO,label        jp      Z,label

        jp      (hl)            jp      (ix)
        jp      (iy)            jp      label

        djnz    label

        jr      C,label         jr      NC,label
        jr      NZ,label        jr      Z,label
        jr      label

Bit Manipulation Instructions 

        bit     n,[]
        res     n,[]
        set     n,[]

Interrupt Mode and Reset Instructions 

        im      n
        im      n
        im      n
        rst     n

Input and Output Instructions 

        in      a,(n)           in      rg,(c)
        ind                     indr
        ini                     inir

        out     (n),a           out     (c),rg
        outd                    otdr
        outi                    otir

Register Pair Instructions 

        add     hl,rp           add     ix,rp
        add     iy,rp

        adc     hl,rp           sbc     hl,rp

        ex      (sp),hl         ex      (sp),ix
        ex      (sp),iy
        ex      de,hl
        ex      af,af'

        push    rp              pop     rp


        in0     rg,(n)
        out0    (n),rg

        otdm                    otdmr
        otim                    otimr

        mlt     bc              mlt     de
        mlt     hl              mlt     sp


        tst     a
        tstio   #data

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