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   The  ASxxxx  assemblers are a series of microprocessor assem-
blers written in the C programming language.  Each assembler has
a device specific section which includes:  

     1.  device  description, byte order, and file extension in-

     2.  a  table  of  the assembler general directives, special
         device directives, assembler mnemonics  and  associated
         operation codes 

     3.  machine specific code for processing the device mnemon-
         ics, addressing modes, and special directives 

The device specific information is detailed in the appendices.  

   The assemblers have a common device independent section which
handles the details of file input/output, symbol  table  genera-
tion,  program/data  areas,  expression  analysis, and assembler
directive processing.  

The assemblers provide the following features:  

     1.  Command string control of assembly functions 

     2.  Alphabetized, formatted symbol table listing 

     3.  Relocatable object modules 

     4.  Global symbols for linking object modules 

     5.  Conditional assembly directives 

     6.  Program sectioning directives 

   ASxxxx assembles one or more source files into a single relo-
catable ascii object file.  The output of the ASxxxx  assemblers
consists of an ascii relocatable object file(*.rel), an assembly
listing file(*.lst), and a symbol file(*.sym) each controlled by
an  assembler  option.  If both the object and listing files are
specified then a listing to relocated listing hint file  (*.hlr)
is  created  as  a  helper for the linker to properly create the
relocated listing file.  

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