ASM8C Assembler


The following is a list of the M8C registers used by ASM8C:  

        A       -   Accumulator
        X       -   Index
        SP      -   Stack Pointer
        F       -   Flags


     The  M8C  instructions  may have none, one, or two operands
selected from the registers listed above or an  addressing  mode
from the following list:  

        expr         -  immediate argument
                     -  In the lcall, ljmp, index,
                        and pc relative branching
                        instructions expr is an
                        address expression.
        #expr        -  immediate argument
        [expr]       -  argument at location expr
        [x+expr]     -  argument at location x + expr
        reg[expr]    -  argument at location expr
                        in register space
        reg[x+expr]  -  argument at location x + expr
                        in register space
        [[expr]++]   -  The value in memory at address
                        expr (the indirect address)
                        points to a memory location in
                        RAM. The value in memory at
                        address expr is then incremented.
                        This addressing mode is used only
                        by the mvi instruction and
                        allows the short form [expr]
                        for this addressing mode.

     The  following tables list all M8C mnemonics and addressing
modes recognized by the ASM8C assembler.  

Double Operand Arithmetic Instructions 

        adc  a,expr
        adc  a,[expr]           adc  [expr],a
        adc  a,[x+expr]         adc  [x+expr],a
        adc  [expr],expr        adc  [x+expr],expr

        add  a,expr
        add  a,[expr]           add  [expr],a
        add  a,[x+expr]         add  [x+expr],a
        add  [expr],expr        add  [x+expr],expr
        add  sp,expr

        cmp  a,expr
        cmp  a,[expr]
        cmp  a,[x+expr]
        cmp  [expr],expr        cmp  [x+expr],expr

        sbb  a,expr
        sbb  a,[expr]           sbb  [expr],a
        sbb  a,[x+expr]         sbb  [x+expr],a
        sbb  [expr],expr        sbb  [x+expr],expr

        sub  a,expr
        sub  a,[expr]           sub  [expr],a
        sub  a,[x+expr]         sub  [x+expr],a
        sub  [expr],expr        sub  [x+expr],expr

Double Operand Logic Instructions 

        and  a,expr             and  f,expr
        and  a,[expr]           and  [expr],a
        and  a,[x+expr]         and  [x+expr],a
        and  [expr],expr        and  [x+expr],expr
        and  reg[expr],expr     and  reg[x+expr],expr

        or   a,expr             or   f,expr
        or   a,[expr]           or   [expr],a
        or   a,[x+expr]         or   [x+expr],a
        or   [expr],expr        or   [x+expr],expr
        or   reg[expr],expr     or   reg[x+expr],expr

        xor  a,expr             xor  f,expr
        xor  a,[expr]           xor  [expr],a
        xor  a,[x+expr]         xor  [x+expr],a
        xor  [expr],expr        xor  [x+expr],expr
        xor  reg[expr],expr     xor  reg[x+expr],expr

Miscellaneous Double Operand Instructions 

        swap a,x                swap a,sp
        swap a,[expr]           swap a,[x+expr]

        tst  [expr]             tst  [x+expr]
        tst  reg[expr]          tst  reg[x+expr]

Single Operand Shift/Rotate Instructions 

        asl  a
        asl  [expr]             asl  [x+expr]

        asr  a
        asr  [expr]             asr  [x+expr]

        rlc  a
        rlc  [expr]             rlc  [x+expr]

        rrc  a
        rrc  [expr]             rrc  [x+expr]

Miscellaneous Single Operand Instructions 

        cpl  a

        dec  a                  dec  x
        dec  [expr]             dec  [x+expr]

        inc  a                  inc  x
        inc  [expr]             inc  [x+expr]

        pop  a                  pop  x
        push a                  push x

        tst  [expr]             tst  [x+expr]
        tst  reg[expr]          tst  reg[x+expr]

AZ.3.6  Move Instructions 

        mov  a,x
        mov  a,expr
        mov  a,[expr]           mov  [expr],a
        mov  a[x+expr]          mov  [x+expr],a

        mov  x,a                mov  x,sp
        mov  x,expr
        mov  x,[expr]           mov  [expr],x
        mov  x,[x+expr]

        mov  [expr],expr        mov  [x+expr],expr

        mov  [expr],[expr]

        mov  a,reg[expr]        mov  a,reg[x+expr]
        mov  reg[expr],a        mov  reg[x+expr],a

        mov  reg[expr],expr     mov  reg[x+expr],expr

        mvi  a,[expr]      ==   mvi  a,[[expr]++]
        mvi  [expr],a      ==   mvi  [[expr]++],a

Inherent Instructions 

        halt                    nop
        romx                    ssc
        ret                     reti

Branching Instructions 

        lcall expr              ljmp  expr
        jz    expr              jnz   expr
        jc    expr              jnc   expr
        jacc  expr

Relative Table Read Instruction 

        index expr

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