ASEZ8 Assembler

   The  eZ8 CPU is an extension of the Z8 CPU architecture.  The
eZ8 executes all Z8 instructions except the WDH (Watch Dog Timer
Enable During Halt Mode).  The eZ8 features new instructions and
access to a larger register file.  


The following is a list of the eZ8 registers used by ASEZ8:  

        r0  ... r15     -        8-bit accumulators
        rr0 ... rr15    -       16-bit accumulators


   The  following  list specifies the format for each addressing
mode supported by ASEZ8:  

        #data           immediate byte data

        addr            location/branch address

        r0  ... r15      8-bit registers

        rr0 ... rr15    16-bit registers

        @rn     or      register indirect addressing

        @rrn    or      register indirect addressing

        @.RR(addr)      register pair indirect
                        where addr is truncated to
                        4-bits and made even

        @addr   or      indirect addressing

        offset(rn)      indexed register addressing

        CC              condition codes

The terms data, addr, and offset may all be expressions.  

The  designation  CC  refers  to a condition code argument.  The
following table contains all the valid condition codes supported
by ASEZ8:  

        f       Always False            -
        t       Always True             -
        c       Carry                   C=1
        nc      No Carry                C=0
        z       Zero                    Z=1
        nz      Non-Zero                Z=0
        pl      Plus                    S=0
        mi      Minus                   S=1
        ov      Overflow                V=1
        nov     No Overflow             V=0
        eq      Equal                   Z=1
        ne      Not Equal               Z=0
        ge      Greater Than or Equal   (S XOR V)=0
        lt      Less Than               (S XOR V)=1
        gt      Greater Than            (Z OR (S XOR V))=0
        le      Less Than or Equal      (Z OR (S XOR V))=1
        uge     Unsigned ge             C=0
        ult     Unsigned lt             C=1
        ugt     Unsigned gt             (C=0 AND Z=0)=1
        ule     Unsigned le             (C OR Z)=1

The  following  tables  list all eZ8 mnemonics recognized by the
ASEZ8 assembler.  The designation [] refers to  a  required  ad-
dressing  mode  argument.   (The new instructions of the eZ8 are
denoted by a *) Note that not all  addressing  modes  are  valid
with  every  instruction,  refer  to  the eZ8 technical data for
valid modes.  

Arithmetic Instructions 

        adc     [],[]           add     [],[]
        adcx*   [],[]           addx*   [],[]
        cp      [],[]           cpc*    [],[]
        cpx*    [],[]           cpcx*   [],[]
        da      []              mult*   []
        dec     []              decw    []
        inc     []              incw    []
        sbc     [],[]           sbcx*   [],[]
        sub     [],[]           subx*   [],[]

Bit Manipulation Instructions 

        bclr*   [],[]           bset*   [],[]
        bit*    [],[],[]        bswap*  []
        rcf                     scf
        tcm     [],[]           tcmx*   [],[]
        tm      [],[]           tcx*    [],[]

Block Transfer Instructions 

        ldci*   [],[]           ldei    [],[]

CPU Control Instructions 

        atm*                    ccf
        di                      ei
        halt                    nop
        rcp                     scf
        srp     []              stop

Load Instructions 

        clr     []              ld      [],[]
        ldc*    [],[]           ldci*   [],[]
        lde     [],[]           ldei    [],[]
        ldx*    [],[]           ldwx*   [],[]
        lea*    [],[]
        pop     []              popx*   []
        push    []              pushx*  []

Logical Instructions 

        and     [],[]           andx*   [],[]
        com     []
        or      [],[]           orx*    [],[]
        xor     [],[]           xorx*   [],[]

Program Control Instructions 

        brk*                    btj*    [],[],[],[]
        btjnz*  [],[],[]        btjz*   [],[],[]
        call    []              djnz    [],[]
        jp      []              jp      CC,[]
        jr      []              jr      CC,[]
        ret                     trap*   []

Rotate and Shift Instructions 

        bswap*  []
        rl      []              rlc     []
        rr      []              rrc     []
        sra     []              srl*    []
        swap    []

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Last Updated: September 2023