AS89LP Assembler

   The  AT89LP series of 8051 compatible microcontrollers incor-
porates a single cycle 8051 core.  The execution time  for  most
instructions equals the number of bytes in the instruction.  In-
structions that perform address calculations take  more  cycles.
Several members of the AT89LP series have enhancements which may
include the MAC AB, ASR M, LSL M, and CLR M  instructions  which
manipulate  the 40 bit multiply-accumulate register, a secondary
dptr register supporting an additional addressing  mode  to  the
INC, MOV, MOVC, and MOVX instructions, a new CJNE addressing op-
tion, a new jump indirect relative to PC addressing mode, and  a
BREAK instruction.  


.regbnk Directive 


        .regbnk 0, 1, 2, or 3 

The .regbnk directive informs the assembler about which register
bank (0-3) is currently being used.  This  effects  instructions
like PUSH R0-R7 and POP R0-R7 where the register bank is encoded
into the instruction.  

   The  AS89LP  assembler  supports many of the AT89LP microcon-
trollers natively.  The  following  table  lists  the  processor
directive,      the     supported     processor,     and     the
'Special Function Register', SFR, file that should  be  included
in a project to define the SFR registers.  

        .lp2052         AT89LP2052      lp2052.sfr
        .lp213          AT89LP213       lp213.sfr
        .lp214          AT89LP214       lp214.sfr
        .lp216          AT89LP216       lp216.sfr
        .lp3240         AT89LP3240      lp3240.sfr
        .lp4052         AT89LP4052      lp4052.sfr
        .lp428          AT89LP428       lp428.sfr
        .lp51           AT89LP51        lp51.sfr
        .lp51ed2        AT89LP51ED2     lp51ed2.sfr
        .lp51ic2        AT89LP51IC2     lp51ic2.sfr
        .lp51id2        AT89LP51ID2     lp51id2.sfr
        .lp51rb2        AT89LP51RB2     lp51rb2.sfr
        .lp51rc2        AT89LP51RC2     lp51rc2.sfr
        .lp51rd2        AT89LP51RD2     lp51rd2.sfr
        .lp52           AT89LP52        lp52.sfr
        .lp6440         AT89LP6440      lp6440.sfr
        .lp828          AT89LP828       lp828.sfr

   Including  the  particular  processor  sfr  file  invokes the
appropriate processor type directive and defines the SFR values. 

The .__.CPU. and .__.$$$. Variables 

   The  assembler  variable  .__.CPU.   is  set  to indicate the
specific processor selected.  The variable  .__.$$$.   indicates
the  specific  extended  instructions  supported by the selected
processor.  The encoding for .__.$$$.  is:  

        Bit 0   MAC AB / CLR M / ASR M / LSL M
        Bit 1   /DPTR modes for INC, MOV, MOVC, and MOVX
        Bit 2   JMP @A+PC
        Bit 3   CJNE A,@R0,rel / CJNE A,@R1,rel
        Bit 4   BREAK

                                    .__.CPU.      .__.$$$.
        .lp2052         AT89LP2052       0      -----  0x00     
        .lp213          AT89LP213        1      *-*--  0x14
        .lp214          AT89LP214        2      *-*--  0x14
        .lp216          AT89LP216        3      *-*--  0x14
        .lp3240         AT89LP3240       4      *****  0x1F
        .lp4052         AT89LP4052       5      -----  0x00
        .lp428          AT89LP428        6      *----  0x1E
        .lp51           AT89LP51         7      -***-  0x0E
        .lp51ed2        AT89LP51ED2      8      -****  0x0F
        .lp51ic2        AT89LP51IC2      9      -****  0x0F
        .lp51id2        AT89LP51ID2     10      -****  0x0F
        .lp51rb2        AT89LP51RB2     11      -****  0x0F
        .lp51rc2        AT89LP51RC2     12      -****  0x0F
        .lp51rd2        AT89LP51RD2     13      -****  0x0F
        .lp52           AT89LP52        14      -***-  0x0E
        .lp6440         AT89LP6440      15      *****  0x1F
        .lp828          AT89LP828       16      ****-  0x1E

   The  variables  '.__.CPU.'  and '.__.$$$.' are by default de-
fined as local and will not be output to the created .rel  file.
The  assembler  command line options -g or -a will not cause the
local symbols to be output to the created .rel file.  

   The  assembler  .globl  directive  may  be used to change the
variable type to global causing its definition to be  output  to
the .rel file.  The inclusion of the definition of the variables
'.__.CPU.' and '.__.$$$.' might be a useful means of  validating
that  separately assembled files have been compiled for the same
processor type or have the  same  instruction  extensions.   The
linker  will  report  an  error  for variables with multiple non
equal definitions.  


The  following  is a list of the standard 8051 registers used by

        a,b             -       8-bit accumulators
        r0,r1,r2,r3     -       8-bit registers
        dptr            -       data pointer
        sp              -       stack pointer
        pc              -       program counter
        psw             -       status word
        c               -       carry (bit in status word)

The  following  is  a  list  of  the  extended registers used by

        ab      -       source register for MAC instruction
        /dptr   -       alternate data pointer
        m       -       40-bit multiply-accumulate register


   The  following  list specifies the format for each addressing
mode supported by AS89LP:  

        #data           immediate byte or word data

        r,r1,r2         register r0,r1,r2,r3,r4,r5,r6, or r7

        @r              indirect on register r0 or r1
        @dptr           indirect on data pointer
        @/dptr          indirect on alternate data pointer

        @a+dptr         indirect on accumulator
                        plus data pointer
        @a+/dptr        indirect on accumulator
                        plus alternate data pointer

        @a+pc           indirect on accumulator
                        plus program counter

        addr            direct memory address

        bitnum          selected bit
        /bitnum         operation performed with
                        with complement of selected bit

        label           call or jump label

The terms data, addr, bitnum, and label may all be expressions. 

   The  following  tables  list all 8051 mnemonics recognized by
the AS89LP assembler.  Note that not all  addressing  modes  are
valid  with every instruction.  Refer to the AT89 series techni-
cal data for valid modes.  

Inherent Instructions 


Move Instructions 

        mov     a,#data         mov     a,addr
        mov     a,r             mov     a,@r

        mov     r,#data         mov     r,addr
        mov     r,a

        mov     addr,a          mov     addr,#data
        mov     addr,r          mov     addr,@r
        mov     addr1,addr2     mov     bitnum,c

        mov     @r,#data        mov     @r,addr
        mov     @r,a

        mov     c,bitnum
        mov     dptr,#data

        movc    a,@a+dptr       movc    a,@a+pc
        movx    a,@dptr         movx    a,@r
        movx    @dptr,a         movx    @r,a

Single Operand Instructions 

        clr     a               clr     c
        clr     bitnum
        cpl     a               cpl     c
        cpl     bitnum
        setb    c               setb    bitnum

        da      a               
        rr      a               rrc     a
        rl      a               rlc     a
        swap    a

        dec     a               dec     r
        dec     @r
        inc     a               inc     r
        inc     dptr            inc     @r

        div     ab              mul     ab

        pop     addr            push    addr

Two Operand Instructions 

        add     a,#data         add     a,addr
        add     a,r             add     a,@r
        addc    a,#data         addc    a,addr
        addc    a,r             addc    a,@r
        subb    a,#data         subb    a,addr
        subb    a,r             subb    a,@r
        orl     a,#data         orl     a,addr
        orl     a,r             orl     a,@r
        orl     addr,a          orl     addr,#data
        orl     c,bitnum        orl     c,/bitnum
        anl     a,#data         anl     a,addr
        anl     a,r             anl     a,@r
        anl     addr,a          anl     addr,#data
        anl     c,bitnum        anl     c,/bitnum
        xrl     a,#data         xrl     a,addr
        xrl     a,r             xrl     a,@r
        xrl     addr,a          xrl     addr,#data
        xrl     c,bitnum        xrl     c,/bitnum
        xch     a,addr          xch     a,r
        xch     a,@r            xchd    a,@r

Call and Return Instructions 

        acall   label           lcall   label
        ret                     reti
        in      data
        out     data
        rst     data

Jump Instructions 

        ajmp    label
        cjne    a,#data,label   cjne    a,addr,label
        cjne    r,#data,label   cjne    @r,#data,label
        djnz    r,label         djnz    addr,label
        jbc     bitnum,label
        jb      bitnum,label    jnb     bitnum,label
        jc      label           jnc     label
        jz      label           jnz     label
        jmp     @a+dptr
        ljmp    label           sjmp    label

Extended Instructions 

        mac     ab      m  <-  m + (ax,a) * (bx,b)
        asr     m       shift m right 1 bit arithmetically
        lsl     m       shift m left 1 bit logically
        clr     m       clear 40-bit register m

        cjne  a,@r,rel  conditional branch if a != @r
        jmp     @a+pc   pc  <-  pc + a

        inc     /dptr   increment the alternate dptr

        mov     /dptr,#data     load alternate dptr with data
        movc    a,@a+/dptr      get code byte relative to
                                alternate dptr
        movx    a,@/dptr        mov from external with
                                alternate dptr
        movx    @/dptr,a        mov to external with
                                alternate dptr

        break           software break point


   The Macro Library is a collection of macros to perform opera-
tions involving the multiple address spaces of 8051 type proces-
sors.   A  summary of the macro library is included here.  Refer
to the file macros.asm for a complete description of  the  macro

Macro Summary

Load                   | B/W | | Source |   | Destination |
                       ------- ----------   ---------------
.lb_r     (R)             B      IDATA         DATA/SFR
.lbi_r    Indirect (R)    B     [IDATA]        DATA/SFR

.lb_rx    (R)             B      XDATA         DATA/SFR
.lbi_rx   Indirect (R)    B     [XDATA]        DATA/SFR

.lb_x     (X)             B      XDATA         DATA/SFR
.lbi_x    Indirect (X)    B     [XDATA]        DATA/SFR

.lb_c     (C)             B      CODE          DATA/SFR


Store                  | B/W | | Source |   | Destination |
                       ------- ----------   ---------------
.sb_r     (R)             B     DATA/SFR      DATA/IDATA
.sbi_r    Indirect (R)    B     DATA/SFR      DATA/IDATA

.sb_rx    (R)             B     DATA/SFR        XDATA
.sbi_rx   Indirect (R)    B     DATA/SFR        XDATA

.sb_x     (X)             B     DATA/SFR        XDATA
.sbi_x    Indirect (X)    B     DATA/SFR        XDATA


Inc / Dec / Cmp        | B/W | | Source |   | Destination |
                       ------- ----------   ---------------
.incb_rx  Increment (R)   B                     XDATA
.incb_x   Increment (R)   B                     XDATA

.decb_rx  Decrement (R)   B                     XDATA
.decb_x   Decrament (R)   B                     XDATA

.cmpb_rx  Compare (R)     B      XDATA          XDATA
.cmpw_rx  Compare (R)     W      XDATA          XDATA


Move                   | B/W | | Source |   | Destination |
                       ------- ----------   ---------------
.mvb_rr   1-Byte (R)      B    DATA/IDATA     DATA/IDATA
.mvw_rr   1-Word (R)      W    DATA/IDATA     DATA/IDATA

.mvb_xx   1-Byte (X)      B      XDATA          XDATA
.mvw_xx   1-Word (X)      W      XDATA          XDATA

.mvb_rx   1-Byte (R)      B      XDATA          XDATA
.mvw_rx   1-Word (R)      W      XDATA          XDATA

.mvb_ix   1-Byte (R)      B    DATA/IDATA       XDATA
.mvw_ix   1-Word (R)      W    DATA/IDATA       XDATA

.mvb_xi   1-Byte (R)      B      XDATA        DATA/IDATA
.mvw_xi   1-Word (R)      W      XDATA        DATA/IDATA


Decrement & Jump != 0  | B/W | | Source |   | Destination |
                       ------- ----------   ---------------
.djnz_rx  DJNZ != 0       B                     XDATA
.djnz_x   DJNZ != 0       W                     XDATA


Load / Store DPTR      | B/W | | Source |   | Destination |
                       ------- ----------   ---------------
.ldptr                    W     DATA/SFR        DPTR
.ldptr_r   (R)            W    DATA/IDATA       DPTR
.ldptr_rx  (R)            W      XDATA          DPTR
.ldptr_x   (X)            W      XDATA          DPTR

.sdptr                    W      DPTR          DATA/SFR
.sdptr_r   (R)            W      DPTR         DATA/IDATA
.sdptr_rx  (R)            W      DPTR           XDATA
.sdptr_x   (X)            W      DPTR           XDATA


Save and Restore Registers

.pshreg   Push Registers dpl, dph, a, b,
          r0, r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, and r7 Onto The Stack
.popreg   Pop Registers r7, r6, r5, r4, r3, r2, r1, r0,
          b, a, dph, and dpl From The Stack


General Macro Argument Nomenclature

dst$        - is a destination argumment
src$        - is a source argument
reg$        - is an optional argument
              specifying R0 or R1
ppa$        - is a dumby argument which enables
              pushing and popping the a register
ppr$        - is a dumby argument which enables
              pushing and popping the r register
ppx$        - is a dumby argument which enables
              pushing and popping the dptr/rn register(s)


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