AS8008 Assembler

   The  AS8008  assembler supports the 8008 microprocessor using
the traditional MCS-8 assembly language syntax.  


The following is a list of the 8008 registers used by AS8008:  

        a               -       8-bit accumulator
        b,c,d,e,h,l     -       8-bit registers


   The  following  tables  list all 8008 mnemonics recognized by
the AS8008 assembler.  The following list specifies  the  format
for each addressing mode supported by AS8008:  

    Instruction Argument Syntax:

        REGM    register a,b,c,d,e,h,l
                or Memory (address is HL)

        SRC     REGM source

        DST     REGM destination

        #data   immediate byte data

        addr    call or jump address or label

        port    input/output port

        n       reset number

The terms data, addr, port, and n may all be expressions.  

   Note  that  not  all addressing modes may be valid with every
instruction.  Refer to the 8008 technical data for valid modes. 


    Single Register Instructions    REGM != a or M
        inr     REGM            dcr     REGM

    Mov Instructions    SRC and DST not both = M
        mov     DST,SRC
    Register or Memory to Accumulator Instructions
        add     REGM            adc     REGM
        sub     REGM            sbb     REGM
        ana     REGM            xra     REGM
        ora     REGM            cmp     REGM
    Rotate Accumulator Instructions
        rlc                     rrc
        ral                     rar
    Immediate Instructions
        movi    REGM,#data
        adi     #data           aci     #data
        sui     #data           sbi     #data
        ani     #data           xri     #data
        ori     #data           cpi     #data
    Jump Instructions
        jmp     addr
        jc      addr            jnc     addr
        jz      addr            jnz     addr
        jp      addr            jm      addr
        jpe     addr            jpo     addr
    Call Instructions
        call    addr
        cc      addr            cnc     addr
        cz      addr            cnz     addr
        cp      addr            cm      addr
        cpe     addr            cpo     addr
    Return Instructions
        rc                      rnc
        rz                      rnz
        rp                      rm
        rpe                     rpo
    Reset Instruction
        rst     n       0 <= n <= 7
    Input/Output Instructions
        in      port    0 <= port <= 7
        out     port    8 <= port <= 31
    Halt and No-Operation Instruction

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Last Updated: September 2023