AS6805 Assembler




The  .6805  directive  selects  the MC6805 specific cycles count
output when the -c command line option is specified.  




The  .hc05 directive selects the MC68HC05/146805 specific cycles
count output when the -c command line option is specified.  


   The value of the pre-defined symbol '.__.CPU.' corresponds to
the selected processor type.  The default value is 0 which  cor-
responds  to  the  default  processor type.  The following table
lists the processor types and associated values  for  the  ASZ80

        Processor Type            .__.CPU. Value
        --------------            --------------
            .6805                        0
            .hc05                        1

   The  variable  '.__.CPU.'  is by default defined as local and
will not be output to the created .rel file.  The assembler com-
mand line options -g or -a will not cause the local symbol to be
output to the created .rel file.  

   The  assembler  .globl  directive  may  be used to change the
variable type to global causing its definition to be  output  to
the  .rel file.  The inclusion of the definition of the variable
'.__.CPU.' might be a useful means of validating that seperately
assembled  files have been compiled for the same processor type.
The linker will report an error for variables with multiple  non
equal definitions.  


The following is a list of the 6805 registers used by AS6805:  

        a       -       8-bit accumulator
        x       -       index register


   The  following  tables  list all 6805 mnemonics recognized by
the AS6805 assembler.  The designation [] refers to  a  required
addressing  mode  argument.   The  following  list specifies the
format for each addressing mode supported by AS6805:  

        #data           immediate data
                        byte or word data

        *dir            direct page addressing
                        (see .setdp directive)
                        0 <= dir <= 255 

        ,x              register indirect addressing
                        zero offset

        offset,x        register indirect addressing
                          0 <= offset <= 255   --- byte mode
                        256 <= offset <= 65535 --- word mode
                        (an externally defined offset uses the
                         word mode)

        ext             extended addressing

        label           branch label

The terms data, dir, offset, and ext may all be expressions.  

   Note  that  not all addressing modes are valid with every in-
struction, refer to the 6805 technical data for valid modes.  

Control Instructions 

        clc             cli
        nop             rsp
        rti             rts
        sec             sei
        stop            swi
        tax             txa

Bit Manipulation Instructions 

        brset   #data,*dir,label
        brclr   #data,*dir,label

        bset    #data,*dir
        bclr    #data,*dir

Branch Instructions 

        bra     label           brn     label
        bhi     label           bls     label
        bcc     label           bcs     label
        bne     label           beq     label
        bhcc    label           bhcs    label
        bpl     label           bmi     label
        bmc     label           bms     label
        bil     label           bih     label
        bsr     label

Read-Modify-Write Instructions 

        nega            negx
        neg     []

        coma            comx
        com     []

        lsra            lsrx
        lsr     []

        rora            rorx
        ror     []

        asra            asrx
        asr     []

        lsla            lslx
        lsl     []

        rola            rolx
        rol     []

        deca            decx
        dec     []

        inca            incx
        inc     []

        tsta            tstx
        tst     []

        clra            clrx
        clr     []

Register\Memory Instructions 

        sub     []              cmp     []
        sbc     []              cpx     []
        and     []              bit     []
        lda     []              sta     []
        eor     []              adc     []
        ora     []              add     []
        ldx     []              stx     []

Jump and Jump to Subroutine Instructions 

        jmp     []              jsr     []

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