AS6801 Assembler

.hd6303 DIRECTIVE 



The  .hd6303 directive enables processing of the HD6303 specific
mnemonics not included in  the  6801  instruction  set.   HD6303
mnemonics  encountered  without  the  .hd6303  directive will be
flagged with an <o> error.  


The following is a list of the 6801 registers used by AS6801:  

        a,b     -       8-bit accumulators
        d       -       16-bit accumulator <a:b>
        x       -       index register


   The  following tables list all 6801/6303 mnemonics recognized
by the AS6801 assembler.  The designation []  refers  to  a  re-
quired  addressing  mode argument.  The following list specifies
the format for each addressing mode supported by AS6801:  

        #data           immediate data
                        byte or word data

        *dir            direct page addressing
                        (see .setdp directive)
                        0 <= dir <= 255 

        ,x              register indirect addressing
                        zero offset

        offset,x        register indirect addressing
                        0 <= offset <= 255

        ext             extended addressing

        label           branch label

The  terms  data, dir, offset, ext, and label may all be expres-

   Note  that  not all addressing modes are valid with every in-
struction, refer to  the  6801/6303  technical  data  for  valid

Inherent Instructions 

        aba             abx
        cba             clc
        cli             clv
        daa             des
        dex             ins
        inx             mul
        nop             rti
        rts             sba
        sec             sei
        sev             swi
        tab             tap
        tba             tpa
        tsx             txs

Branch Instructions 

        bra     label           brn     label
        bhi     label           bls     label
        bcc     label           bhs     label
        bcs     label           blo     label
        bne     label           beq     label
        bvc     label           bvs     label
        bpl     label           bmi     label
        bge     label           blt     label
        bgt     label           ble     label
        bsr     label

Single Operand Instructions 

        asla            aslb            asld
        asl a           asl b           asl d
        asl     []

        asra            asrb
        asr a           asr b
        asr     []

        clra            clrb
        clr a           clr b
        clr     []

        coma            comb
        com a           com b
        com     []

        deca            decb
        dec a           dec b
        dec     []

        eora            eorb
        eor a           eor b
        eor     []

        inca            incb
        inc a           inc b
        inc     []

        lsla            lslb            lsld
        lsl a           lsl b           lsl d
        lsl     []

        lsra            lsrb            lsrd
        lsr a           lsr b           lsr d
        lsr     []

        nega            negb
        neg a           neg b
        neg     []

        psha            pshb            pshx
        psh a           psh b           psh x

        pula            pulb            pulx
        pul a           pul b           pul x

        rola            rolb
        rol a           rol b
        rol     []

        rora            rorb
        ror a           ror b
        ror     []

        tsta            tstb
        tst a           tst b
        tst     []

Double Operand Instructions 

        adca    []      adcb    []
        adc a   []      adc b   []

        adda    []      addb    []      addd    []
        add a   []      add b   []      add d   []

        anda    []      andb    []
        and a   []      and b   []

        bita    []      bitb    []
        bit a   []      bit b   []

        cmpa    []      cmpb    []
        cmp a   []      cmp b   []

        ldaa    []      ldab    []
        lda a   []      lda b   []

        oraa    []      orab    []
        ora a   []      ora b   []

        sbca    []      sbcb    []
        sbc a   []      sbc b   []

        staa    []      stab    []
        sta a   []      sta b   []

        suba    []      subb    []      subd    []
        sub a   []      sub b   []      sub d   []

Jump and Jump to Subroutine Instructions 

        jmp     []      jsr     []

Long Register Instructions 

        cpx     []      ldd     []
        lds     []      ldx     []
        std     []      sts     []
        stx     []

6303 Specific Instructions 

        aim     #data, []       eim     #data, []
        oim     #data, []       tim     #data, []

        xgdx            slp

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Last Updated: March 2021