AS430 Assembler


The following is a list of the MPS430 registers used by AS430:  

Sixteen 16-bit registers provide adddress, data, and
special functions:
        pc  /   r0      -       program counter
        sp  /   r1      -       stack pointer
        sr  /   r2      -       status register
        cg1 /   r2      -       constant generator 1
        cg2 /   r3      -       constant generator 2
                r4      -       working register r4
                r5      -       working register r5
                r14     -       working register r14
                r15     -       working register r15


The following list specifies the format for each addressing mode
supported by AS430:  

        Source/Destination Operand Addressing Modes
        As/Ad   Addressing Mode Syntax  Description
        -----   --------------- ------  -----------
        00/0    Register mode   Rn      Register contents are operand.
        01/1    Indexed mode    X(Rn)   (Rn + X) points to the operand,
                                        X is stored in the next word.
        01/1    Symbolic mode   ADDR    (PC + X) points to the operand,
                                        X is stored in the next word,
                                        Indexed mode X(PC) is used.
        01/1    Absolute mode   &ADDR   The word following the
                                        instruction, contains the
                                        absolute address.
        10/-    Indirect        @Rn     Rn is used as a pointer to the
                register mode           operand.
        11/-    Indirect        @Rn+    Rn is used as a pointer to the
                autoincrement           operand. Rn is incremented
        11/-    Immediate mode  #N      The word following the
                                        instruction contains the
                                        immediate constant N. Indirect
                                        autoincrement mode @PC+ is used.

The  terms  ADDR, X and N may all be expressions.  Note that not
all addressing modes are valid with every instruction, refer  to
the MPS430 technical data for valid modes.

MPS430 Instruction Mnemonics 

The following table lists all MPS430 family mnemonics recognized
by the AS430 assembler.  The designations src and dst  refer  to
required source and/or destination addressing mode arguments.  

        * ADC[.W];ADC.B  dst        dst + C -> dst
          ADD[.W];ADD.B  src,dst    src + dst -> dst
          ADDC[.W];ADDC.B           src,dst src + dst + C -> dst
          AND[.W];AND.B  src,dst    src .and. dst -> dst
          BIC[.W];BIC.B src,dst     .not.src .and. dst -> dst
          BIS[.W];BIS.B src,dst     src .or. dst -> dst
          BIT[.W];BIT.B src,dst     src .and. dst
        * BR dst                Branch to .......
        * BRANCH dst            Branch to .......
          CALL dst              PC+2 -> stack, dst -> PC
        * CLR[.W];CLR.B dst     Clear destination
        * CLRC                  Clear carry bit
        * CLRN                  Clear negative bit
        * CLRZ                  Clear zero bit
          CMP[.W];CMP.B src,dst     dst - src
        * DADC[.W];DADC.B dst       dst + C -> dst (decimal)
          DADD[.W];DADD.B src,dst   src + dst + C -> dst (decimal)
        * DEC[.W];DEC.B dst     dst - 1 -> dst
        * DECD[.W];DECD.B dst   dst - 2 -> dst
        * DINT                  Disable interrupt
        * EINT                  Enable interrupt
        * INC[.W];INC.B dst     dst + 1 -> dst
        * INCD[.W];INCD.B dst   dst + 2 -> dst
        * INV[.W];INV.B dst     Invert destination
          JC/JHS Label          Jump to Label if Carry-bit is set
          JEQ/JZ Label          Jump to Label if Zero-bit is set
          JGE Label             Jump to Label if (N .XOR. V) = 0
          JL Label              Jump to Label if (N .XOR. V) = 1
          JMP Label             Jump to Label unconditionally
          JN Label              Jump to Label if Negative-bit is set
          JNC/JLO Label         Jump to Label if Carry-bit is reset
          JNE/JNZ Label         Jump to Label if Zero-bit is reset
          MOV[.W];MOV.B src,dst     src -> dst
        * NOP                   No operation
        * POP[.W];POP.B dst     Item from stack, SP+2 -> SP
          PUSH[.W];PUSH.B src   SP - 2 -> SP, src -> @SP
          RETI                  Return from interrupt
                                    TOS -> SR, SP + 2 -> SP
                                    TOS -> PC, SP + 2 -> SZP
        * RET                   Return from subroutine
                                    TOS -> PC, SP + 2 -> SP
        * RLA[.W];RLA.B dst     Rotate left arithmetically
        * RLC[.W];RLC.B dst     Rotate left through carry
          RRA[.W];RRA.B dst     MSB -> MSB . ....LSB -> C
          RRC[.W];RRC.B dst     C -> MSB . ......LSB -> C
        * SBC[.W];SBC.B dst     Subtract carry from destination
        * SETC                  Set carry bit
        * SETN                  Set negative bit
        * SETZ                  Set zero bit
          SUB[.W];SUB.B src,dst     dst + .not.src + 1 -> dst
          SUBC[.W];SUBC.B src,dst   dst + .not.src + C -> dst
          SBB[.W];SBB.B src,dst     dst + .not.src + C -> dst
          SWPB dst              swap bytes
          SXT dst               Bit7 -> Bit8 ........ Bit15
        * TST[.W];TST.B dst     Test destination
          XOR[.W];XOR.B src,dst     src .xor. dst -> dst
                Note: Asterisked Instructions
                Asterisked (*) instructions are emulated.
                They are replaced with coreinstructions
                by the assembler.

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