AS4040 Assembler

   The  AS4040  assembler  supports  the 4040 microprocessor in-
struction set and can be configured to support only  the  subset
of instructions used by the 4004 microprocessor.  


.4040 Directive 



The  .4040  directive specifies that the assembler recognize the
complete 4040 instruction set.  This is the default  instruction
set recognized by the as4040 assembler.  

.4004 Directive



The  .4004 directive specifies that the assembler recognize only
the subset of  the  4040  instructions  available  on  the  4004
microprocessor.   The  unsupported  instructions will be flagged
with an 'o' error during assembly.  

The .__.CPU.  Variable 

   The  assembler  variable  .__.CPU.   is  set  to indicate the
specific processor selected:  

                .__.CPU.     Processor
                --------     ---------
                   0            4040
                   1            4004

   The  variable  '.__.CPU.'  is by default defined as local and
will not be output to the created .rel file.  The assembler com-
mand  line  options -g or -a will not cause the local symbols to
be output to the created .rel file.  

   The  assembler  .globl  directive  may  be used to change the
variable type to global causing its definition to be  output  to
the  rel  file.  The inclusion of the definition of the variable
'.__.CPU.' might be a useful means of validating that seperately
assembled  files have been compiled for the same processor type.
The linker will report an error for variables with multiple  non
equal definitions.  

4040/4004 REGISTER SET 

The  following  is  a  list  of  the 4040/4004 registers used by

        r0,  r1,  r2,  r3,         -  4-bit registers
        r4,  r5,  r6,  r7,
        r8,  r9,  r10, r11,
        r12, r13, r14, r15

        rp0<r0:r1>,   rp1<r2,r3>   -  8-bit register pairs
        rp2<r4:r5>,   rp3<r6:r7>
        rp4<r8:r9>,   rp5<r10:r11>
        rp6<r12:r13>, rp7<r14:r15>


    Instruction Argument Syntax:

        Rn      registers R0 - R15
                or a value in the range 0 to 15

        RPn     register pairs RP0 - RP7
                or a value in the range 0 to 7

        #data   immediate 4-bit or 8-bit data

        addr    call, jump address, or label

        cc      condition code forms
            Mnemonic    Binary    Jump Condition
            --------    ------    --------------                
            nc           0000     no condition
            tz, t0       0001     test equals zero
            tn, t1       1001     test equals one
            cn, c1       0010     carry equals one
            cz, c0       1010     carry equals zero
            az, a0       0100     accumulator equals zero
            an, nza      1100     accumulator not zero

                any single mnemonic 
        or      any ored combination of
                        tz, cn, az, t0, c1, and a0
        or      any ored combination of
                        tn, cz, an, t1, c0, and nza
        or      any value in the range 0 to 15
                are valid condition code arguments.

                The mnemonics listed above are predefined
                such that a mixed argument like cz|az will
                report an 'a' error during assembly.

The terms data and addr may be expressions.  

   Note  that  not  all addressing modes may be valid with every
instruction.  Refer to the 4040/4004 technical  data  for  valid

   The  following tables list the mnemonics and arguments recog-
nized by the AS4040 assembler.  The  extended  instructions  are
available only in the 4040 microprocessor.  

4040/4004 Instructions 

    Machine Instructions
        nop             (No Operation)
        jcn   cc,addr   (Jump On Condition, Current Page)
        fim   RPn,#data (Fetch Immediate To RPn)
        src   RPn       (Send Address From RPn)
        fin   RPn       (Fetch Indirect From ROM Into RPn)
        jin   RPn       (Jump Indirect RPn)
        jun   addr      (Jump Unconditional To ROM Address)
        jms   addr      (Jump To Subroutine ROM Address)
        inc   Rn        (Increment Rn)
        isz   Rn, addr  (Increment Rn, Jump If Rn != 0)
        add   Rn        (Add Rn To A With Carry)
        sub   Rn        (Subtract Rn From A With Borrow)
        ld    Rn        (Load A With Rn)
        xch   Rn        (A <--> Rn)
        bbl   #data     (Branch Back 1 Level, Load A With data)
        ldm   #data     (Load A With data)

    Input/Output And RAM Instructions
        wrm             (A -> Selected RAM Character)
        wmp             (A -> Selected RAM Output Port)
        wrr             (A -> Selected ROM Output Port)
        wpm             (A -> Selected RAM Half Byte)
        wr0             (A -> Selected RAM Character 0)
        wr1             (A -> Selected RAM Character 1)
        wr2             (A -> Selected RAM Character 2)
        wr3             (A -> Selected RAM Character 3)
        sbm             (A <- (A - Slctd RAM Char With Borrow))
        rdm             (A <- Selected RAM Character)
        rdr             (A <- Selected ROM Input Port)
        adm             (A <- (A + Slctd RAM Char With Carry))
        rd0             (A <- Selected RAM Character 0)
        rd1             (A <- Selected RAM Character 1)
        rd2             (A <- Selected RAM Character 2)
        rd3             (A <- Selected RAM Character 3)

    Accumulator Group Instructions
        clb             (A <- 0, C <- 0)
        clc             (C <- 0)
        iac             (A <- (A + 1))
        cmc             (Complement Carry)
        cma             (Complement Accumulator)
        ral             (Rotate A,C Left)
        rar             (Rotate A,C Right)
        tcc             (Tranfer C To Accumulator, Clear C)
        dac             (A <- (A - 1))
        tcs             (Transfer Carry Subtract, Clear C)
        stc             (Set Carry)
        daa             (Decimal Adjust Accumulator)
        kbp             (Keyboard Process)
        dcl             (Designate Command Line)

    4040 Specific Instructions 

        hlt             (Halt)
        bbs             (Branch Back From Interrupt)
        lcr             (A <- Command Register)
        or4             (A <- (R4 or A))
        or5             (A <- (R5 or A))
        an6             (A <- (R6 and A))
        an7             (A <- (R7 and A))
        db0             (Designate ROM Bank 0)
        db1             (Designate ROM Bank 1)
        sb0             (Select Index Register Bank 0, 0 - 7)
        sb1             (Select Index Register Bank 1, 0* - 7*)
        ein             (Enable Interrupt)
        din             (Disable Interrupt)
        rpm             (Read Program Memory)

    Extended Conditional Jump Instructions 

        jtz  addr  -  jump if test zero
        jtn  addr  -  jump if test not zero
        jto  addr  -  jump if test one
        jcz  addr  -  jump if carry/link zero
        jnc  addr  -  jump if no carry
        jco  addr  -  jump if carry/link one
        joc  addr  -  jump on carry
        jaz  addr  -  jump if accumulator equal to zero
        jnz  addr  -  jump if accumulator non zero
        jan  addr  -  jump if accumulator non zero

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