-... Contributors

Thanks  to Marko Makela for his contribution of the AS6500 cross

        Marko Makela
        Sillitie 10 A
        01480 Vantaa
        Internet: Marko dot Makela at Helsinki dot Fi
        EARN/BitNet: msmakela at finuh

Thanks  to John Hartman for his contribution of the AS8051 cross
assembler and updates to the ASxxxx and ASLINK internals.  

        John L. Hartman
        jhartman at compuserve dot com
        noice at noicedebugger dot com

Thanks  to  G.   Osborn  for  his  contributions  to LKS19.C and

        G. Osborn
        gary at s-4 dot com

Thanks to Ken Hornstein for his contribution of object libraries
contained in LKLIBR.C.  

        Ken Hornstein
        kenh at cmf dot nrl dot navy dot mil

Thanks  to  Bill  McKinnon for his contributions to the AS8XCXXX
cross assembler for the DS8XCXXX series of microprocessors.  

        Bill McKinnon
        w_mckinnon at conknet dot com

Thanks  to Roger Ivie for his contribution of the ASGB cross as-
sembler for the GameBoy.  

        Roger Ivie
        ivie at cc dot usu dot edu

Thanks  to  Uwe  Steller for his contribution of the AS740 cross

        Uwe Stellar
        Uwe dot Steller at t-online dot de

Thanks  to  Shujen Chen for his contribution of the AS1802 cross

        Shugen Chen
        DeVry University
        Tinley Park IL
        schen at tp dot devry dot edu

Thanks  to  Edgar Puehringer for his contribution of the AS61860
cross assembler.  

        Edgar Puehringer
        edgar_pue at yahoo dot com

Thanks to Ulrich Raich and Razaq Ijoduola for their contribution
of the ASRAB cross assembler.  

        Ulrich Raich and Razaq Ijoduola
        PS Division
        CH-1211 Geneva-23
        Ulrich dot Raich at cern dot ch

Thanks  to Patrick Head for his contribution of the ASEZ80 cross

        Patrick Head
        patrick at phead dot net

Thanks  to  Boisy  G.   Pitre for contributing the .ifeq, .ifne,
.ifgt, .iflt, .ifle, and .ifge conditional  directives  and  the
Tandy Color Computer Disk Basic binary output for ASLINK.  

        Boisy G. Pitre
        boisy at boisypitre dot com

Thanks  to  Mike  McCarty for his contributions to the processor
cycle count option of the ASxxxx Assemblers.  

        Mike McCarty
        mike dot mccarty at sbcglobal dot net

Thanks  to  Carl  Rash for his contribution of the Visual Studio
2010 project files.  

        Carl Rash
        crash at triad dot rr dot com

Thanks to John Coffman for creating the Z280 assembler.  

        John Coffman
        johninsd at gmail dot com

Thanks to  Mike Naberezny  for  suggesting  the  addition of the
as78k0 assembler.

        Mike Naberezny
        mike at naberezny dot com

   And  thanks  to  all  those  who  took  the  time to send bug
reports, suggest changes, or simply sent a  note  of  encourage-
ment.  These were and are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Last Updated: January 2019