ASxxxx Cross Assemblers

ASxxxx Cross Assemblers, Version 5.40, March 2021 

Submitted by Alan R.  Baldwin, 
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 

Operating System:  Linux, Windows, MS-DOS 
or other supporting ANSI C.  

Source Language:  C 


   The  ASxxxx  assemblers are a series of microprocessor assem-
blers written in the C programming  language.   This  collection
contains  cross  assemblers  for the 1802, S2650, SC/MP, MPS430,
6100, 61860,  6500,  6800(6802/6808),  6801(6803/HD6303),  6804,
6805,  68HC(S)08,  6809,  68HC11, 68HC(S)12, 68HC16, 740, 78K/0,
78K/0S, 8008,  8008S,  8048(8041/8022/8021),  8051,  8085(8080),
AT89LP,  8X300(8X305),  DS8XCXXX, AVR, EZ80, F2MC8L/FX, F8/3870,
GameBoy(Z80), H8/3xx, Cypress PSoC(M8C), PIC, Rabbit  2000/3000,
ST6,  ST7,  ST8,  Z8, Z80(HD64180), and Z280 series microproces-
sors.  Each  assembler  has  a  device  specific  section  which
includes:   (1)  device description, byte order, and file exten-
sion information, (2) a table of assembler  general  directives,
special directives, assembler mnemonics and associated operation
codes, (3) machine  specific  code  for  processing  the  device
mnemonics, addressing modes, and special directives.  

   The assemblers have a common device independent section which
handles the details of file input/output, symbol  table  genera-
tion,  program/data  areas,  expression  analysis, and assembler
directive processing.  

   The  assemblers  provide  the following features:  (1) alpha-
betized, formatted symbol table listings, (2) relocatable object
modules, (3) global symbols for linking object modules, (4) con-
ditional assembly directives, (5) reusable  local  symbols,  (6)
include-file  processing,  and  (7)  a  general macro processing

   The  companion program ASLINK is a relocating linker perform-
ing the following functions:  (1) bind multiple  object  modules
into  a  single  memory  image,  (2) resolve inter-module symbol
references,  (3)  resolve  undefined  symbols   from   specified
librarys of object modules, (4) process absolute, relative, con-
catenated, and overlay attributes in data and program  sections,
(5)  perform  byte and word program-counter relative (pc or pcr)
addressing calculations, (6) define absolute  symbol  values  at
link  time, (7) define absolute area base address values at link
time, (8) produce an Intel Hex  record,  Motorola  S  record  or
Tandy  CoCo  Disk  Basic  output  file, (9) produce a map of the
linked memory image, and (10) update the ASxxxx assembler  list-
ing files with the absolute linked addresses and data.  

   The  assemblers  and  linker have been tested using Linux and
DJGPP, Cygwin, Symantec C/C++ V7.2, Borland Turbo C++ 3.0,  Open
Watcom  V1.9,  VC6,  Visual Studio 2005, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2019.
Complete source code and documentation for  the  assemblers  and
linker  is  included  with the distribution.  Additionally, test
code for each assembler and several  microprocessor  monitors  (
ASSIST05 for the 6805, MONDEB and ASSIST09 for the 6809, BUFFALO
2.5 for the 6811, and MONDEB for 8051 / AT89LP series ) are  in-
cluded as working examples of use of these assemblers.  

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          A Tutorial And ASxxxx Build Options
          by Martin Tayler
          marty at martytaylor dot net

Last Updated: December 2021