Building ASxxxx for Android

A Tutorial And ASxxxx Build Options by Martin Tayler marty at martytaylor dot net

... Building ASxxxx for Android

Android Build Options For ASxxxx October 2021

Two additional build options are provided. The first, android-ndk, uses the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) standalone toolchains. The standard libraries are statically linked so there is no requirement for an Android Software Development Kit (SDK). The NDK is available for Linux 64-bit (x86), Windows 64-bit, and Mac. The second build option, aide, uses the Android IDE (AIDE) from appfour GmbH. This is an Android hosted development environment that supports Java and C/C++ for both Android apk and console mode applications. Unfortunately AIDE is not free software and requires purchase of a premium key to unlock it's more advanced features.

(use 'pkunzip -d asxv5p41-asxmak-android.zip' for extraction with MS-DOS (use 'unzip -L -a asxv5p41-asxmak-android.zip' for extraction with Linux)

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Last Updated: October 2021