TCP/IP Package for TXS-PLUS, Version 2.40

   The  'TCP/IP Package for TSX-Plus' provides TCP/IP networking
services for multiple users with TSX-Plus.  The  package  is  an
assemblage  of  server  and  client programs designed to provide
Telnet, FTP, Mail, POP3, LPD, and HTTP services  for  local  and
remote users of TSX-PLUS systems.  The programs are written in C
and RT-11 macro.  A security system  allows  usernames/passwords
and authorizations for each client/server component to be speci-
fied for each user.  

   The  sources  for  the  'TCP/IP Package for TSX-Plus' include
header, command, C language, and macro files.  The DECUS C  com-
piler  (with  some bug fixes) and AS assembler are included with
the software distribution to allow the package to be  recompiled
from the supplied sources.  

   The  current  implementation  uses  upto 16 global regions to
support multiple client/server  programs  simultaneously.   Each
cleint  service  uses 1 region except for the FTP variants (FTP,
FTPL, and RFTP)  which  use  1  additional  region  during  data
transfers.   The  network  control  program TCPIP uses one addi-
tional region for fragmented packet reconstruction.  

   The  hardware  requirements  are  a  TSX-PLUS system having a
minimum of 512k  bytes  of  memory,  a  DEQNA/DELQA  (Q-Bus)  or
DEUNA/DELUA  (Unibus)  ethernet card with associated transceiver
(thick, thin, or CAT-5)  and  optionally  a  pair  of  dedicated
serial  lines  for each simultaneously active remote Telnet ses-

Submitted by Alan R.  Baldwin, 
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 44242 

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Last Updated: February 2011