TCP/IP Package For RT-11 Documentation

-... Configuring RT-11 For Remote Login

   The  server  programs RTELNT.SAV and RCNCT.SAV can be used to
login to an RT-11 system:  

(1)     The system must be sysgened for multiterminal
        support (3 local DL/DZ/DH lines are required)

(2)     Assuming the console is on line 0, cross connect
        lines 1 and 2 (at the same baud rate ...)

(3)     At boot up define the logical directories and
        startup the TCPIP.SAV server and RTELNT.SAV

The RTELNT.CML command line file should be something
        -rctpyz 2 1 PAS:paswrd.fil 15 600       or
        -r -c 2 -t 1 -p PAS:paswrd.fil -y 15 -z 600

Terms:  -r         at connection termination, restart
        -c 2       RTELNT.SAV connects to line 2
        -t 1       Console will connect to line 1
        -p PAS:paswrd.fil
        -y 15      15 second login timeout
        -z 600     600 second inactivity timeout

(4)     Use the keyboard set command to
        change the console terminal:

        set TT: consol=1

   Be  sure  you  have  tested the password file (by configuring
first for incoming FTP service).  Once the console  is  set  you
cannot  change  it  back  to your local terminal from your local

   When  you  log into RT through the TELNET link you are at the
console!  If you terminate the  running  TCPIP  or  RTELNT  jobs
while  you are logged in, your connection will terminate and the
RT system must be rebooted (the consol is connected  to  line  1
going to line 2 going nowhere).  

   If you change the console connection while logged in then you
will not get any response  from  the  RT  system  (although  the
TCP/IP connection will still be active).  

   You must terminate the TELNET connection from your connection
terminal.  (However that is accomplished from  the  remote  sys-
tem.)  If  you  are connected from another RT system running the
TCPIP package, then use CTRL-A X and request connection termina-

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Last Updated: June 2008