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C Compiler

   The DECUS C Compiler and Assembler and the RT-11 Macro Assem-
bler and Linker are required to build the the TCP/IP Package for
RT-11  from  the source files included in the distribution.  The
DECUS C Compiler is from the DECUS  11-SP-18  distribution  with
bug  fixes  made  to the compiler and the library.  (The updates
are on logical disk CCDSK2.DSK).  EIS and  non-EIS  versions  of
the compiler along with the assembler, library, and the necesary
header files are included with the  distribution  to  allow  the
package to be recompiled.  

     1.  Create CDISK.DSK[1500] as C:, 
         a logical disk for the C compiler 

     2.  Copy the contents of the logical disk CCDSK1.DSK to C:.
         The  device  containing  the  compiler,  assembler  and
         header  files  should  be  assigned  as device C:.  The
         build procedures assume that the  compiler  and  header
         files are on the logical device 'C:'.  

     3.  Copy  the  compiler  helper  files  from  logical  disk
         CCXDSK.DSK to C:.  

     4.  Use  the  command  file  C:CCSET.EIS  to  copy  the EIS
         specific  files  into  the  C:   directory   with   the
         appropriate .SAV and .OBJ file types.  

     5.  UCL CC and ASM commands.  
         1.  For  RT-11-XM  V5.3 use file C:CCXASM.V53 to create
             the UCL commands to invoke CC and ASM.  
         2.  For RT-11-XM V5.6 (and later) use file C:CCXASM.V56
             to create the UCL commands to invoke CC and ASM.  

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TCP/IP Package

   The  TCP/IP Package is supplied with the complete source code
as an assemblage of C files (*.c), macro files  (*.mac),  header
files (*.h), and an assortment of command files (*.com).  

     1.  Copy   the   logical   disks   SRDSK1.DSK,  SRDSK2.DSK,
         SRDSK3.DSK, and SRDSK4.DSK to a disk  or  logical  disk
         having at least 10000 blocks of free space.  

     2.  Use the command file BLDRT.SET to create the RT-11 con-
         ditional files.  

     3.  The  command  file BLDALL.COM will compile and link the
         complete TCP/IP Package.  Inspect BLDALL.COM to see how
         each  individual component is built.  An unloaded 11/73
         processor will take from 40 to 50  minutes  to  compile
         and link the complete package.  

     4.  Rename all .SAV files to .SXV files.  

     5.  The  command file RTV53.INS or RTV56.INS may be used to
         copy all the files necessary to  configure  a  complete
         implementation  of  the TCP/IP Package for RT-11 to the
         TCP:  directory.  (This includes all the files found on
         logical disks RTDSK1.DSK, RTDSK2.DSK, and RTDSK3.DSK). 

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Compiling Options

   The TCP/IP Package components may be compiled with or without
the diagnostic options (the default is  no  diagnostics).   Each
component  has  an  individual  header  file, e.g.  VTCPIP.H for
TCPIP.SAV, which contains define statements that have been  com-
mented  out  to exclude the diagnostics.  Several other programs
have optional sections that may be disabled  by  commenting  out
selected define statements.  

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