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   The  TCP/IP  Package  for RT-11 is for versions 5.3 and later
and requires a mapped monitor of the type XM  (or  ZM).   Device
handlers supporting the DEQNA/DELQA (EQ and NQ), DEUNA/DELUA (EU
and NU), and DECNA (NC) are provided for the various devices and
processor configurations.  

   The  selection of the appropriate device handler is dependent
upon the RT11 version and  processor  configuration.   A  custom
device  handler  may  be  built  using  the supplied conditional
files.  Options for building the EQ and EU device  handlers  in-
clude the number of internal packet buffers, device timeout, in-
terrupt processing at FORK level,  mfps/mtps  or  PSW  processor
types, and optional spfun selection.  

   Timer support is required for all TCP/IP Package programs and
must be included when building RT11 monitors.   Internal  device
timeout is no longer used by any device handler, however because
RT11  monitors  require  specific  device  handler  options  the
pre-built device handlers summarized in the following two tables
include handlers with device timeout, sys extension, and without
device timeout, nys extension.  

Summary of EQ/EU/NC/NQ/NU ---
device drivers and supported systems:

        RT-11 VERSION   [5.3]   [5.4]   [5.5]      [5.6 ...]
                        -----   -----   -----      ---------
        eq18xm.[ext]      XM      XM      XM         XM/ZM
        eq22xm.[ext]      XM      XM      XM         XM/ZM
        eu18xm.[ext]      XM      XM      XM         XM/ZM
        ncxv56.[ext]      -       ?       ?          XM/ZM
        nqxv56.[ext]      -       ?       ?          XM/ZM
        nuxv56.[ext]      -       ?       ?          XM/ZM
        ______.[ext]    ext == sys, for monitor  with   device timeout
                        ext == nys, for monitor without device timeout

Summary of EQ/EU/NC/NQ/NU ---
device driver features:

                                SPFUNS               DEVICE
                       206  207  210  211  212    EIS  PSW  UMR
                       ---  ---  ---  ---  ---    ---  ---  ---
        eq18xm.[ext]    X    X    X    -    X      X    X    -
        eq22xm.[ext]    X    X    X    -    X      X    X    -
        eu18xm.[ext]    X    X    X    -    X      X    X    -
        ncxv56.[ext]    X    X    X    -    X      X    X    -
        nqxv56.[ext]    X    X    X    -    X      X    X    -
        nuxv56.[ext]    X    X    X    -    X      X    X    X
        ______.[ext]    ext == sys, for monitor  with   device timeout
                        ext == nys, for monitor without device timeout

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Last Updated: June 2008