Get the "TCP/IP Package for RT-11"

Minimum Distribution

   The minimum package to get FTP and Telnet loaded onto your
computer is included on this single RT-11 logical disk file
TCPIPM.DSK. This single logical disk contains the Small System
executables (SMLTCP.DSK), documentation (SS.DOC from RTDOC.DSK),
and all the pre-built device handlers (DVDSK1.DSK and DVDSK2.DSK).
The Small System FTP and Telnet are standalone programs which will
function under TSX-Plus and all RT-11 monitors (SJ, SB, FB,
XB, XM, ZB, ZM).  The logical disk image must be transferred
in binary format to your Q-BUS LSI-11 or Unibus PDP-11 machine.

Complete Distribution

   The  "TCP/IP  Package  for TSX-Plus", the "TCP/IP Package for
RT-11", and the "FTP and Telnet Package for Small  Systems"  are
distributed  as  a  combined  package  of 24 RX02 logical floppy

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Last Updated: January 2012