Kent State University Monte-Carlo Neutron Efficiency Code

   Several improvements have been made to the Monte-Carlo
neutron detector efficiency code of Stanton to provide
improved agreement with several different detector efficiency
measurements. The impovements include a re-adjustment of
the inelastic cross sections for neutron-induced reactions
on carbon, adoption of new light-response functions, use of
relativistic kinematics, and exact determination of light
deposited by escaping charged particles. The improved
calculations agree with measured efficiences for both
plastic and liquid hydrocarbon scintillators for neutron
energies from 1 MeV to about 300 MeV and for detector
thresholds from about 0.1 MeV to 22 MeV equivalent-electron
energies; in most cases the agreement is good to within
a few percent.

  The code has been updated to compile under Linux with
gfortran, Cygwin with g77, and Windows with Open Watcom.
The distribution includes fortran source files, make files,
executables, parameter data files, test runs, and a copy
of the Nuclear Instruments and Methods paper describing
the efficiency code improvemnets (includes paper references).

... Monte-Carlo Neutron Efficiency Code Package (35,526K)

... R.A. Cecil, B.D. Anderson and R. Madey, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. 161 (1979), p. 439.

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